If You Ain’t Tracking, You Ain’t Trying

February 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

Obesity is the number 1 killer in the United States of America.  Think about that statement right now.  We are the most technologically advanced society, with any knowledge we want at our fingertips.  In fact you are probably reading this from your phone right now.  Obesity leads to so many diseases that will kill you, yet as a society we are doing absolutely nothing to stop it.  More and more fitness “gurus” are opening gyms, starting YouTube channels, creating Instagram accounts and writing blogs (none of which are as good as mine 🙃); but yet the number of obesity, heart disease, and cancer is on the rise faster then your “master trainer” can post the 1 millionth video on how to do a proper squat.  So what gives?  Are we just lazy as a society?  Do we not actually care about our health as much as we say we do?

Well, the fitness industry brings in billions of dollars every year, with that number on the rise with each new year.  This number alone tells me that it isn’t the lack of motivation that is holding us back as a society.  The knowledge, the gadgets, the gyms and the “master trainers” are all out there for us to succeed, but that’s exactly the problem.  There is to much unnecessary knowledge to go around.  We get so caught up at 3:00am watching Tony Horton tell us that we can look and feel just like him for just 10 easy payments of $99 and only an hour a day (not actual numbers or a quote, just an exaggeration to prove my point. Please don’t sue me), that we forget that the best way to success is keeping things simple.

Let me ask you something, how many calories do you consume daily?  I’ll bet that you, along with 90% of the people reading this can’t answer that question.  Did you know that 74% of America is considered overweight?  74 fucking percent!!!  That number is astronomical!  Yet, only 33% of people think that eating to many calories in a day will make you gain weight.  Now, if those numbers don’t speak to you then I don’t know what will.  It’s clear there is a very big imbalance of knowledge.  When our social media, google searches and infomercials all scream messages of extreme weight loss with extreme measures, it’s easy to think that weight loss is an extraordinary thing.  Yet, it’s something that I feel everyone is capable of doing with the right knowledge.

So, where do we start?  Let’s begin with doing the one thing that EVERYONE who can write is capable of doing.  Let’s start by tracking your food intake daily.  People who track their food are 3x more likely to lose weight.  There are a plethora of free apps and programs out there to track your food intake.  I personally like the dotFIT website, however the most important thing is not what app/site you use, but the fact that you start doing it.  Hell, if you aren’t technologically competent, you can use the old school way of pen and paper.  Once you know what you are putting in your body, you can change what your putting in.  You will become more mindful, and give yourself an opportunity to see what is actually causing you to gain weight.  All it takes is five minutes of writing or typing each time you eat, to change your life.

When you’re sitting down at the dinner table, before you open up Instagram or Facebook, open up your tracking app and write everything down.  I promise you, this will be the single most important thing you can do to kick start your weight loss.  I am going to leave you with one more thought.  If you consume only 100 calories more then you expend everyday, you will hold onto and store an extra 3,100 calories by the end of the month.  It takes between 3,000 to 3,500 calories to gain a pound of fat…. Start tracking your food.

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