One For the Money

March 14, 2017 — 2 Comments

When you google the term “weight loss,” your search results will be filled with ads for miracle pills, or expert opinions from “master trainers” who were born with a six pack and a permanent spray tan.  The information that is available is abundant and overwhelming,  and is hard to decipher the difference between the BS and the GS (good shit).  If you believe everything that you read, you will have to pretty much change everything about your life.  According to google, if you want to lose weight you will need to start growing your own vegan garden, cut out one of the all important macro nutrients (by the way, they are called macro because you NEED them!), start eating like a caveman (we do know they lived to be only like 20 years old, right?), starve yourself and do ungodly amounts of cardio at the same time, and start taking some miracle pill that has more ingredients in it that you need a chemistry degree to read… oh yeah and they aren’t FDA approved either.  So how do we start down the journey of weight loss?  Well, I’ve enlisted the help of a good friend of mine, and certified nutritionist Allison Thibault to help me answer this question.  There is one thing that EVERYONE can start doing today, that will get you moving in the right direction down your journey of fat loss.

So I asked Allison what her number one tip for fat loss would be.  Her answer: Prep!  “Always be prepared. Think ahead and take a few minutes to think of meals and snacks you will need for the next few days, or at least until the next time you will have a chance to prep again. Food shop, and pack your food in convenient individual containers. This way you can pick it up and go. Pack yourself enough food so you can eat every 2-3 hours. This will keep your metabolism going, allows your body to get all of the nutrients it needs to be able to sustain healthy living, and to avoid being ravenous later on. Plan your workouts, and know you have to get to the gym, no excuses, fit it in!”

Being prepared is something that EVERYONE can do.  Taking the time to food shop and plan your meals is a necessary evil.  There is no excuse on not being able to do this, because everyone can!  It just takes a little discipline and practice.  From my personal experience as a fitness professional, people who take the time to prepare their meals have a 95% higher success rate from those who don’t.  It doesn’t take a lot of skill to prep, all it takes is a little time and effort.

Now let me reiterate something that Allison said.  “Think ahead and take a few minutes to think of meals and snacks you will need for the next few days, or at least until the next time you will have a chance to prep again.”  Prepping is an ongoing process.  It doesn’t necessarily mean to spend 4 hours on a Sunday cooking chicken and broccoli, putting it in plastic containers and living off of that for a week.  Although, I do believe that is an important practice to do, being prepared goes way deeper than that.  Being prepared is looking at your week, and knowing where your trouble times are going to be.  Knowing ahead of time that on Wednesday night you need to bring your son to soccer practice, your daughter to karate, and have dinner ready for your husband who is working late is what food prep really means.  If you let this day creep up on you, it’s really easy to stop and pick up a pizza on your way home (no, eating your leftover pizza the next day is not food prepping.  Nice try though!).  However, if you were prepared you could have put turkey chili in the slow cooker before you left for work in the morning, and have a healthy meal for everyone when they get home.

Planning your workouts is equally as important as your meals.  If you don’t carve out time a few days a week for your workouts, it is really easy to let life get in the way.  How many times have you found yourself saying that you will get your workout in as soon as you finish “x,y or z” and then never get around to doing it?  “Well there is always tomorrow,” you tell yourself, but tomorrow is the same old song and dance.  Life can be chaotic.  Our strings are being pulled in many different directions, which doesn’t leave much time for yourself.  If you don’t schedule in time for yourself and your workouts, you will always be prioritizing other’s time over yours.

Food and workout prep seems like a simple solution, however it’s one that is neglected by many.  Does it take a little time?  Yes.  Does it take a little discipline?  Yes.  Will it yield big results in your fat loss goals?  YES!  The question is, how bad do you want it?  Are you willing to take a little bit of extra time to make sure you are setting yourself up for success in reaching your goals?  Or will you continue to tell yourself that you don’t have enough time, and continue to ask Google what to do next?  Now that’s some GS right there!

If you want more tips or information about healthy eating, you can connect with Allison Thibault by phone at (201) 951-7607, or through email at  You can also visit her website at, and follow her instagram page

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    Totally agree! Bad decisions are made when you are hungry and have no game plan!

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