Throw Your Weight Around… Actually Just Throw it Out

March 20, 2017 — 2 Comments

How many of you have stepped on the scale this week, and have not been happy with what you saw?  How about just today alone?  In our society we have been stepping on the scale from the time the doctor smacked our bare ass for the first time as a baby… and guess what?  We cried then as well!!  The scale is the source of so much contention in our lives, and that’s because we have been so conditioned to believe it is the most important tool for judging our health.  In reality, the only thing the scale does is make us judge ourselves!

In my personal opinion, stepping on the scale is the single most demoralizing action someone can take when defining their health.  Ask any of my members at Next Generation Training Center, and they will tell you how much I hate it when they tell me that they have weighed themselves.  Unfortunately, a lot of people do this on a regular basis, and it sends them into a tailspin of negative emotion.  Let me make this clear right now… YOUR WEIGHT IS NOT A REFLECTION OF WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU ARE MADE UP OF!!!  There, I got that off of my chest.

Judging yourself off of your weight would be the equivalent of judging a book by its cover.  I know I know, very cliche but I couldn’t think of a better analogy to use at the moment!  There is so much more that goes into what that number on the scale represents, that it’s really unfair to JUST focus on that number.  If you were to hypothetically gain five pounds of muscle, while at the same time losing five pounds of fat, your weight would stay exactly the same.  So why are we taught from the dawn of our existence to care about weight?  Because first off, it is an easy measuring stick to use while judging people, and the path of least resistance is ALWAYS the right choice in the medical field (if you didn’t get that, it’s called sarcasm).  However, the main reason (in my opinion of course) is because instead of educating people about their weight, we would rather scare people into losing weight.

So, what am I actually trying to get at here?  If the weight on the scale is a lie, then what else could it possibly represent?  Well my friend, that answer will be reserved for another article.  I can write a book on this subject, but the most important thing I want you to understand is the concept of this.  It is not the weight that counts, it is what makes up that weight that counts the most!  I am going to leave you with this question to answer for next time…. Does 1,000 pounds of rocks, weigh the same as 1,000 pounds of feathers?

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2 responses to Throw Your Weight Around… Actually Just Throw it Out


    I remember once joining a slimming club and I was losing pounds on the scale, I then started exercising and the weight on the scales started going up so I avoided exercising!! Honest truth. Funny that since ditching the dreaded things I’ve finally seen the results I want in the mirror.

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      Hey Kellybeefit! Thanks for reading and commenting! It’s so true, we’re taught all of these fallacies about our weight, when in reality we set ourselves up for failure if that is the only thing we monitor. Keep up the good work Kellybeefit! Keep being an inspiration to others!!


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